May Is Math and Wellness Month

(Previously, previously.)

Do you ever spend five months in constant emotional pain waging a desperate and ultimately unsuccessful behind-the-scenes email campaign with the aim of securing a public clarification of a trivial philosophy-of-language issue because you're terrified that your robot cult's inability to correct politically-motivated philosophy errors implies that you've lost the Mandate of Heaven and are therefore unfit to prevent the coming robot apocalypse?

Yeah, me neither.

Did you know that May is Math and Wellness Month (source: me)?? Math and Wellness month is traditionally celebrated by performing super-well at one's dayjob, going to the gym a lot, and studying math in the evenings!

3 thoughts on “May Is Math and Wellness Month

  1. I suppose ancient Greece has sort of lost the mandate of heaven, and that's the exemplar "Math and Wellness" culture. So, maybe that suggests that when you're ready to acquire the mandate of heaven, study law instead of math?

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