Wicked Transcendence II

went to the genderqueer support/discussion group at the Pacific Center again; showed up early to change into my Pearl dress (it would be a waste to only wear it once) and surreptitiously slip a copy of Anne Lawrence into the library

I think I mostly enjoy being the token conservative/TERF (um, relatively speaking); I say that my pronouns are he/him "because I don't perceive myself as having a choice in the matter" and probably smashed the record for most uses of the phrase biological sex at one of these

One thought on “Wicked Transcendence II

  1. Thank you for the book recommendation. It strongly spoke to many of my experiences as a trans woman that I've been treating as unmentionable. (Especially among my many trans friends!) I think I'm going to start treating them as mentionable.

    On the pronouns. You may not perceive yourself as having a choice but the thing you really don't have a choice about is whether you have a choice. That's socially determined. Society has spoken; you do. Sorry.

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