[19:26:50] <bob>    alice: you still around?
[19:27:08] <alice>  bob, sort of
[19:27:20] <bob>    alice: ok. never mind.
[19:27:41] <alice>  bob, what were you going to ask? I am at the office, 
                    trying to finish up an email but I'm really slow at 
                    choosing words
[19:28:21] <bob>    alice: i was just wondering if you happened to know a 
                    way to manually foo the bar-quuxing device
[19:28:22] <alice>  perhaps because of my overly-ornate and wordy writing 
                    style, which, for not-well-understood psychological 
                    reasons, I nevertheless continue to use despite its 
                    obvious disadvantages in business communication

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