Speculative Rules of Engagement

"Whoever displays intense negative emotion first, loses" is not in any way a law inherent to the nature of interpersonal conflict, but we can make-believe that it were profitable to believe as much. What would that look like?

4 thoughts on “Speculative Rules of Engagement

  1. That's somewhat ambiguous. What would what look like?
    A world in which whoever shows negative emotion loses?
    Dunno, Equestria?
    A world in which everybody pretends that whoever shows negative emotions loses even though that's not true?
    Also Equestria, but one in which the populace is terrorized by a Robin Hanson who sees the hidden truth of the world or something.
    A system of belief in which whoever shows negative emotion loses?
    Stoicism, maybe?

  2. Probably /v/, where every post is an attempt to bait intense negative emotion out of the opposition

  3. Like a cesspool of passive-aggression, o naive child, beloved child.

  4. "Damn, I really thought I'd win this argument," she said, dropping the tire iron on the body.

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