Cached Reply Upon Being Told That I'm an Idiot

Not specific enough.


You claim that I'm an idiot. Well, sure; I already knew that. If you could point to some specific way in which my thinking is confused and explain how I might do better, then I would be quite grateful. But to just say that I'm stupid, without elaborating, doesn't seem helpful.

(Words are useful insofar as they summarize information about the world. If everyone involved already has a detailed predictive model of someone's various cognitive abilities, then it doesn't matter whether you describe them as an "idiot" or a "genius". As compared to what?)

One thought on “Cached Reply Upon Being Told That I'm an Idiot

  1. Nearly all humans use words as a way of disguising, but still communicating, the messages "I LIKE YOU", or "I DON'T LIKE YOU".

    It is more beautiful to use words as actual information, and more useful, for those of us with a practical mind apathetic toward which tribe is doing what and the local gossip... but to call this the correct way to use words... seems too prescriptivist.

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