One thought on “I Am a Filesystem-Writing Man

  1. I am a toilet cleaning man,
    Devoted to my odors!
    I flush their loads to fix commodes
    In service to my owners!

    I ran a Janitorial Service for 4 years after graduating from Seminary.
    When I became a pastor I found very little had changed in my line of work.

    What you reminded me of was a poem I found on a bathroom wall once, devoted to my calling:

    Sam Sam the janitor man
    Chief superintendent of the crapping can
    He washes out bowls and picks up towels
    and listens to the roaring of other men's bowels.

    Sam Sam the Preacher man
    Stands in the pulpit and says what he can.
    when he tries to be faithful, it provokes their howls
    His Preaching of the Truth it releases men's bowels.

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