Coffee Is for Coders

No one cares if you're in pain;
They only want results.
Everywhere this law's the same,
In startups, schools, and cults.
A child can pull the heartstrings
Of assorted moms and voters,
But your dumb cries are all in vain,
And coffee is for coders.

No one cares how hard you tried
(Though I bet it wasn't much),
But work that can on be relied,
If not relied as such.
A kitten is forgiven
As are a broken gear or rotors,
But your dumb crimes are full of shame,
And coffee is for coders.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Is for Coders

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  2. Listen here bub, my name is Zack Davies - note the correct, better spelling of the surname - and I am a poet who sometimes writes about coding. There is only room for one poet called Zack Davies who sometimes writes about coding in this town! I challenge you to poetry battle where the poems are sometimes about coding!

    Here I lay down my challenge on my blog where I sometimes put poems (which are sometimes about coding):

    Here, as proof that I sometimes write about coding, is a short poem about Vim:

    This comes from a real actual (sort of) book:

    I SHALL DESTROY YOU, yours, kind regards,

    Zack Davies

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