Type Theory

We never know what people are actually thinking; all we can do is make inferences from their behavior, including inferences about the inferences they're making.

Sometimes someone makes an expression or a comment that seems to carry an overtone of contempt; I know your type, it seems to say, and I disapprove. And there's a distinct pain in being on the receiving end of this, wanting to reply to the implication, but expecting to lack the shared context needed for the reply to begin to make sense—

"Yes, but I don't think you've adequately taken into account that I know that you know my type, that I know your type, that we can respect each other even if we are different types of creatures optimizing different things, and that I know that this is all relative to my inert, irrelevant sense of what I think you should adequately take into account, which I know that you may have no reason to care about."

One thought on “Type Theory

  1. I try to remember when someone is critical of me or when I am critical (interally) of someone else the projection is often based on a personal fear. As in: I dislike you because I am bothered by what I am projecting on you!

    Takes a long time to come to find the right balance between wanting connection (i.e. love) and not being concerned what others think of me (inner personal confidence).

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