The Sin in the Form

Would you like to hang out on the weekend some time
And say things that we like to say,
Like "How are you doing?" and "Weather's sublime,"
And how altruists should spend ten K?

But with inbox so teeming, and weekends high-priced
And better spent coding alone,
Tell me what could make up for the sin to ask twice,
But the sin in the form of a poem?

One thought on “The Sin in the Form

  1. The poem although well done
    Does not consider the fun
    About contact and conversation
    The value of human relation

    I agree that our competitions
    Keeps us worried and running for more
    To keep up with modern decisions
    But beware of being too bored

    The mind may wander to a place
    Where there’s nothing but sadness and strain
    And all of the great progress you’ve made
    Will be completed but lost in vain

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