Friday Night Lies

"I am a practical man," I said calmly and confidently to no one in particular while sitting down to an easy-mode round of the new tower defense game where the bad ponies are the good ponies and the good ponies are the bad ponies, "I have created no less than X times 276 divided by 365 dollars of economic value this year, and I don't believe in karma, sin, or willpower depletion."

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Lies

  1. I love easy-mode tower defense, so much so that I feel the need to comment on your post because evidently we have a lot in common.

    I used to play my own variant of it in Counter-Strike 1.4 by sniping an opposition of 32 stupid knifebots from the top of an unreachable box in de_dust. If I wanted difficult things, I would go outside.

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