2 thoughts on “Proper Outlook

  1. I think not. The problem with the contempt for the past is that it usually means contempt for past people. Really we should be grateful to them for the fact that we don't have to start from stone age. And considering how much harder they had, respect their efforts.

    I think this is what made me a conservative. The problem with me accepting ideas like opposition to gay marriage is stupid bigotry is that I would have think that grandpa and great-grandpa was a stupid bigot and I seriously don't want to think that. If there is something that is not negotiable for me, it is the immense respect I feel for my ancestors. I think without this respect for my ancestors I would lose my orientation point, I would not know what is good and bad anymore. I had to rely on rationalistic arguments and make up for my own mind - but given that there are very convincing sounding arguments for every value judgement and its opposite, it would be hard.

    Besides, the future is unknown. If you want to be afraid of anything, it is precisely the unknown that makes a good candidate.

  2. Contempt for the past is foolishness. What will you learn from without the past?

    Fear for the future is sense. What's going to hurt you apart from the future? What will motivate you to prepare against disaster?

    Even if the contemptible past comes back to bite you it will be in the future when it happens! Sorry but that statement is completely bass-ackwards.

    Fear for the future is a more healthy emotion than contempt for the past. You should have hope as well as fear, but not instead of it, and you can do without contempt altogether, lest it insulate you from lessons you could learn.

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